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Boy oh boy kiddies, do I have some treats for you!

So some of you may recall that a few months ago, in June in fact, I made a second channel called “CleoVSTheWorld" where I intended to upload vlogs and other, not-directly-related-to-video-games stuff. I posted a few vlogs to it, but no one seemed to have an interest in them so I kind of stopped caring. BUT recently a few of you have actually told me that you watch the videos and you want to see more, so I got off my lazy behind (just kidding, I’m actually quite un-lazy, but alas very very busy) to film one, which you can see here:

Cleo lives! Also: kittens and rock music! FYEAH!!

Now if you watch it, you may notice me going on and on about some new video I made involving kittens and rock music. Yes, you heard me correctly, kittens. And Rock music. What does that mean exactly? Well, you’ll just have to go watch the video and find out! :D

Kung Fu Kitten Deathmatch

Okay guys, honesty time, even though it’s only TWO MINUTES LONG, this video took me a full day and a half to edit, because I was trying my hardest to get all the timing just right. I would supremely appreciate if you guys looked at it and left a comment with what you think (and clicking “like” if you like it never hurts. :D) and show it to anyone you know who likes kittens and music (this should include everyone, or else you need some new friends stat. Who on earth doesn’t like kittens?!?)

Anyway enough plugging.

I’m uploading a bunch of Amnesia and Dragon Age 2 Let’s Play videos as I type this, so hopefully I can keep releasing them on a semi-daily basis like I’ve been trying to do. I’ll post once it’s done which video is available today. In the meantime, go watch the kung fu kitten and vlog videos. :p

As always, thanks for watching, responding, and giving me luv! I honestly appreciate it!

-a semi-exhausted but still excited Cleo out.

Cleo vs. Dead Space 2: Part 15-Elevator Death

Wow, I am so far behind on these. Sorry, I’ve been sick/busy/insert appropriate excuse here! If only I was rich and could hire a video editor/publicist/personal assistant to make my life easier. XD (yeah, right).

Oh and a fan complained I don’t use my tumblr enough, so I’m going to try to be more active on here. I have no idea what kind of posts you guys even want to read though. Should I just keep reblogging other people’s funny posts? Or do, like, 100-words-or-less game reviews? Or what? TELL MEE!!!

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