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By the way I don’t think I’ll see any donation money until the end of the month, and I might not be able to get a VidCon ticket by then (they’re selling out fast). So if you want to help me recoup the losses incurred by going cross-country to Playlist and/or want to make sure I can get into VidCon so I can meet other Youtubers and promote the channel, then please consider donating via PayPal to I solemnly promise all the money I receive will go directly into helping the channel, either purchasing a VidCon ticket, paying for a hotel room, etc. Thanks!

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Okay I thiiiink I set this up right? I’ll make a video about it when I have more time! This is for those of you who’ve expressed interest in helping me run the channel, please feel free to check it out and possibly donate! If you’ve never heard of Patreon, basically it’s an online service that lets you set up a regular “donation,” either per-video or per-month (I have mine set to per-month, since I tend to make a lot of videos). The more regular donations I get, the closer I reach my goal of quitting my day job and making videos full time, which as you would expect means much higher production value, more variation in what each video is about (I’m happy to keep doing Let’s Plays if that’s what the people want, but I have no lack of ideas for more exciting videos that I’d like to make if I can find the time and money to do so!). But most importantly, it really shows me that you guys like what I’m doing, and that’s a huge boost of inspiration and energy to keep doing it more often and more enthusiastically. :) I’ll add more specific goals, etc. to the site as I figure out how to use it more effectively, but for now please feel free to sign up for whatever monthly amount you feel comfortable donating! Every little bit helps!

Argh. On my lunch break and trying to set up a Patreon account so those of you kind souls who want to help me out a bit financially so I can spend less time being dead at my day job and more time making videos can easily donate, and the site keeps bugging out. But while I’m trying to get Patreon to work, can I get an idea from those of you interested in donating as to what sorts of rewards you’d like in return? Do any of you have experience with other Patreon users, and what do they usually offer?

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