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re: “gamer girls”

BTW I just picked this picture as one of the first google image results for “girl gamer” that didn’t show a half- (or fully-) naked girl posing provocatively with a controller, but isn’t it interesting that she’s bothered to put on mascara and the full bit while the other players couldn’t be bothered to shave? :p Even with full make up, I bet you many reactions to this picture would be along the lines of “ugly slut” etc. As if physical attractiveness or lack thereof has the SLIGHTEST thing to do with how well you play video games.

Ohhh the joys of misogyny.

EDIT: Also related to this subject is the concept of the “gay” character in TV sitcoms, etc. There are a few of them out there, but by and large what I’ve noticed is that whenever a character in a show is gay (unless the entire show is about gay culture, e. g. Queer as Folk), their one defining characteristic is “that one character who is gay.” It’d be nice to see more characters who just happen to like the mens (or womens, as appropriate) yet they manage to be full, robust characters beyond this happenstance of biology (or character creation under the guise of biology).

  • Cleo vs. Amnesia: Part 40

Okay, since youtube decided my account “lacked sufficient original content” for partnership (pshaw, whatever), I decided to try the adsense monetization route, which is different. There’s still a chance they’ll just decide to remove the videos instead though, I’m scared. x.x Anyway, you guys can help me check if it worked if you’re bored. Sometime in the next few days, watch the WTF, Hilarity All Around or first Amnesia LP videos, and tell me if you saw any ads playing! I’ll be really appreciative if you do. :p Oh, and speaking of Amnesia, here’s part 40 for those of you who said you can’t “wait” for the next one! Please enjoy!

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