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  • Alice: Madness Returns Recap—Hashtag FurryForCheshire

AAAHH, IT’S FINALLY FINISHED AND UPLOADED!! I’ve been editing this so long that I’ve lost all sense of what’s funny or not. Is it funny? Please tell me it’s funny. ;_; Or better yet, if you think it’s funny, show it to your friends. Sharing is caring, and also makes it worth all the time I spend making videos like this, heh. Okay, enough soapboxing. My hand is broken. Time to pass the eff out. /zonk

  • Cleo vs. Alice: Madness Returns (Part 33) Go East, Young Alice

Hey guys, so I thought I’d see how trying to upload three LPs a day goes, and you guys just watch the ones that interest you (which is hopefully all of them)! Today it’s Alice 33- Skyrim 20- and Dead Space 42-

So, is it too much? Can you guys handle three videos at once? :D

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