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15 Day Challenge!

Day 4 - The meaning behind your tumblr name.

Okay, where to start. Well, first I guess I should mention, GamesR4FITE is not my first youtube channel. I actually had another youtube channel going on three years, and I actually got quite a few subscribers on it, too.

However, with those subs also came a lot of haters, and I do mean a LOT, until each video was getting 5-10 comments a day…80% of which were along the lines of “omg ur so ugly n dum omg get cancre n die k!!” As you can imagine, I didn’t really enjoy logging on to read a bunch of that nonsense every time I came online, so I decided to start a fresh new channel that was going to be dedicated to video games, with the ultimate plan of having video game reviews, first impressions, etc. as my main topic. The Let’s Plays actually came later, after my friend Steve turned me into a Tobuscusite and I realized how funny Let’s Plays can be and wanted to see if I could do something similar. :p

Anyway, so having an actual idea of what I wanted the channel to be about meant I put quite a bit of thought into what I wanted the channel name to be. Unfortunately, though I came out with a fairly long list of what I thought might be good names, most of them were already taken (by lame accounts with few to no videos, no less. >.<).

However, one that quickly grew on me was this one, GamesR4FITE. I thought it was relatively simple and easy to remember, but still unique enough not to be confused with a lot of other names (For instance, it took me forever to remember “PewDiePie” instead of “PewDiePew,” and I’m sure lots of people still confuse sxephil with sexyphil…understandable because he IS quite sexy.) Also, on the off-chance that someone might actually understand what it references, I get extra credit for seeming like a WoWhead. :D (Which I’m not, really…I’ve played World of Warcraft off and on since it first came out, but have yet to get a character past level 40.)

And for the 99.9% (or maybe it’s 100%) of you that DON’T get it, may I please reference the picture above:

(this is the part where you scroll back up to see the lions headbutting each other and reading the captions. Did that? Done? Good. You may continue reading now.)

This picture is one of many used in the amazingly epic WoW Druid class guide, “Alamo teechs u 2 play DURID!" As you’ve probably gathered, Alamo’s guide is a hilarious how-to for effectively playing characters of the Druid class in the MMORPG that even your grandmother’s probably heard of, World of Warcraft. Rest assured, the atrocious spelling and grammar are just an act—some peeps on WoW (and anywhere online) may in fact type that incoherently, but Alamo’s just being a successful troll. (In fact, he might be THE successful troll…with a gentleman’s business suit and everything.)

Specifically, I was inspired by this line:

3) Cat uis for fite

Which references, of course, that the druid’s cat form is for fighting, not healing or what have you. I’m not going to pretend to know more about it because honestly the only classes I ever really got into on WoW were rogues and huntards and the only druid type I like playing is in Diablo 2 so I can summon 234235234 crows to do my bidding. :p

Anyway the natural progression of “Catduridr4FITE” was “GamesR4FITE,” and so it came to be. :p

Wow, I sure managed to stretch that out into something far more involved than it really is, didn’t I? ^-^; Sorry, guess I’m chatty today…

Okay, back to editing this Dragon Age 2 review that I PROMISE to actually get out sometime this week!

Also, tune in soon for tomorrow’s start of the new Alice: Madness Returns Let’s Play! It’ll be AWESOME! GO WATCH!!

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