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Day 05 - Best Mega Drive game.

What the hell is a “mega drive?”


OOOH…wait, didn’t I already answer this in the first day’s challenge? XD Gah, um, let’s see then…

I guess my favorite Genesis game would be, aside from Sonic 2, probably…yes. Ecco. I mean there were a lot of great Genesis games—Columns, Phantasy Star, Road Rash, Earthworm Jim and of course all the other Sonics—but Ecco was just…amazing. I mean, DUDE, you get to play a DOLPHIN! Ironically, the thing I enjoyed the most about Ecco was—you’re totally going to laugh at this….just building up speed as much as I could and doing the highest possible flips in the air. It’s a pity you had to go through that difficult Asterite rebuilding segment to get to the most awesome level ever—recovering lost Orca calves! Though, admitted, all the levels where you transformed into seagulls/jellyfish/sharks were pretty cool too.

What I’m lucky/unfortunate with is that I started with Tides of Time, which is the second Ecco game—which only makes that horrible screeching noise when you die. In the first Ecco, it makes that sound every time you sustain damage, so going back after 2 to play the first had me jumping every time I bumped noses with a spiny bit of coral or had my tail chomped by a passing “hungry one.”

Hey, didn’t they release Ecco for the classic console on the Wii? Hmmm….nostalgia levels rising…

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